Monday, June 9, 2008

The Second Day of the Rest of Your Life

My coworker, James, informed me that I have been neglecting to put titles to my blog posts. He's right, as always: James, this title is for you.

It's a title I quite enjoy, actually. My friend Sarah and I were talking about it this morning; what if yesterday really were the first day of the rest of your life? How does that change today? The first thing that makes me think of is how important this day is in light of yesterday, and how tomorrow will be woven from the pattern of today.

I have been thinking about the influence of daily progression recently.

Normally, I am not much of a list-maker for things like New Year's Resolutions. I think the last list I made of resolutions was when I was a "wise fool" back in high school at LCHS. The absence of my list doesn't mean that I am not looking towards goals, however. I integrate them in my own more thoughtful ways...not so much a check-list approach.

This summer, however, I am trying something new. My friend and roommate, Ashley, and I were talking about summer goals. Our old roommate Christina kept a paper with about 100 tiny bubbles on it, and she would fill in one bubble each day--it was a count-down to when she would get to see her boyfriend again after the summer. In discussing this, 'Shley and I decided that we would track with a different approach...we would make a paper chain of good things we had done each day until we met that goal. As soon as we'd said that, we decided to do it.

Our goal: A good, beneficial summer. The plan: Each day--as it goes in the premise--we will take a length of colored paper and write down something we've done that's constructive, beneficial, or positive. And yes--we've dubbed it the "Constructive Chain." Made from construction paper. We'll be signing the patent papers any day now. At the end of the summer, we'll have a visual journal entry, if you will--a length proving that the summer days have been good and made us better people.

It's been fun to see this summer as a season of building towards things. Already on my chain I have links that say:

Cleaned my room and did laundry (always a positive, productive event)
Went to the temple
Made dinner with a friend
Read a book

It's only been a few days...when I do more unique things to add to the linked length, I will let you know.

Enjoy the second day of the rest of your life. I hope the third makes you even happier.

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