Monday, June 16, 2008

Chinese Lanterns

And finally, Ta-da! I have found the theme for my classroom. After over a month of debating and weighing different ideas, last week I was browsing through the Utah State Curriculum for Social Studies, Grade 4. In the midst of standards on Utah's natural resources and erosion, I came across these little ditties:

"Standard 5
Students compare governments and economies of Utah and Japan."

Standard 7
Students use geographical tools to analyze political and physical features of Utah, the United States, China, and Asia."

Utah and...Asia? Who would've thought?

Random, I know...and yet, so promising. Frankly, I would rather do a random theme that comes from the core curriculum than something completely arbitrary, such as frogs or crayons. Cute themes, to be sure--but I think the fourth graders might like Asia a little better.

I have already started looking for deals on Chinese lanterns. If anyone has some random Asian artifacts they are looking to give away, I would be interested in getting them for my class.

Perhaps the reason I am most excited for this theme is that I can pull in a lot of literature to integrate in to the theme. One of my favorite children's books, given to me by Aunt Janet, is Minyo and the Moon Dragon.

I think this is going to work out well. I also have some great plans for math integration...but more on that later. If you have any tips and suggestions, I will take them in a heartbeat.

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