Wednesday, June 4, 2008

In this beginning...

Here it is--I have finally started my own blog. Part of this stems from wanting to keep up with my tech-savvy and witty siblings, and part of this is experimental. I am considering doing a classroom blog with my elementary students next year. That means it's time to get into the system and work it all out.
As a rising teacher, I welcome teaching tips, advice, and funny stories anyone remembers from the classroom--either in front of the class or as part of it. Tell me about your favorite teacher, tell me you favorite book you read in school...these are the kinds of things that raise my excitement. I am passionate about learning. Maybe that is why I am becoming a teacher. Learning will define the rest of my life.
Not a bad way to go if you ask me.


  1. Yay!!!!! I love reading family blogs! I love the title and the web address.

  2. Thanks, Dan...I'm glad you got it. Thanks for being my first visitor!

  3. Good for you. Blogs are wonderful.

  4. My favorite teacher was my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Bowers. She read to us aloud every day after lunch, sang often with us as she played the piano and she did cool art projects, like a wall size paint by number of a Picasso painting.