Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Fun way to get through work." 16 Letters.

Crossword Puzzles.

At work this week, I have been doing the daily "" crossword puzzles. My coworkers have been good about getting in on it and helping out. We've only had to "reveal" the extremely obscure answers.

Today I finished my crossword in record time. Under 5o minutes. Lest you think this is considerably slow, consider this: I do it while at work, so it's done during shorter breaks and intervals. And I don't look very much up on Google. I go through until I can't get another single thing before I will reveal any answer.

Having finished my puzzle rather early today, I sought out another crossword. I went into the lobby of my office to pick up a copy of the Daily Universe, which carries a version of the NYT crossword. To my dismay, there wasn't a single paper there. I looked around the lobby, and then...yes, that's right. You might call this true recycling. I reached into the "Newspaper Recycle" bin and grabbed out Tuesday's edition. There on the back page was the wanted puzzle. You should have seen the people at the front desk watch me reach into the recycling bin.

Obviously they aren't going green anytime soon. Come to think of it, I'm probably not either. But I will be re-recycling the puzzle after I am done with it.

Oh, and my favorite clue from this week of puzzles?

4 letters. "Abode, in the 'hood."

You called it.


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  1. I had two friends who ended up getting engaged that would both do the crossword puzzle on the back of the DU. They would work on it all day and when they met up at night compare answers and see how each one did. It seemed fun.