Wednesday, June 11, 2008

6 Single Sisters

This is a recent photo from Memorial Day Weekend and my family beach trip: Heather, Me, Melinda (top) and Sarah, Michelle, and Trina (bottom). We held an epic photo-shoot on one of the evenings, and here is a picture I quite liked from the menagerie of poses.

It's my favorite because of this: just before Dad took the picture, I remember saying something like this: "And to document the remaining single sisters in the family...."

Just look at Trina's face. (Front Left)

I only wish I could take true credit for it...unfortunately, I think the sun had more to do with it than I did.

Classic, nonetheless.


  1. I guess Trina's not too happy about being reminded she's still single.

  2. I think that picture is too funny. Oh Trina...

    I am glad you have a blog, Celeste! I don't get to read it too often, but it is fun to hear about what is going on in your life. And your vocabulary is always very elaborate which makes for a fun read. :)