Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Think It Says...

Here's the deal: every time I leave a comment on a blog, I have to screw up my eyes and ready myself for an IQ-esque quiz. What are those curvy, jumbled letters? xftnnmnvvwun is hard enough to read on a straight line, but when it's in different angles? I feel like I am in a test, and admittedly, I have failed. More than one time. I'm glad they give you a second chance to enter in that curvy code.

As a future educator, I appreciate the security--but more than that, I can't help thinking: What about accommodations for those with dyslexia?

And what about accommodations for those without? Well, I suppose it's great practice for reading the handwriting of some elementary school students. Who would've known that blogger security is just preparing me to be a better teacher?


  1. And here I am about to fail that test myself. Lots of q's in the Word Verification below me. :0)

    Love you, Celeste!

  2. Aargh! I am always writing from Adam's account and noticing it too late. This is Marie, though I'm sure Adam sends his love too. And now I have to face another one of those code things. If said aloud, this could be a new expletive. I shall refrain.

  3. And good practice for that "creative spelling" kids use as well. What's that word below? zoo tacos?

  4. All I can say is way to use your teacher education lingo! Let's hear it for accommodations! :)

  5. Good training for old age when the vision dims.