Friday, February 3, 2012


I think that monthly updates will be most appropriate to get me up to date.
Accordingly: September!

Celebrating Aaron, Heather, and Trina's birthdays, Heather leaving for BYU-I, school starting (which meant an influx of teachers coming into the fabric store), and a house renovation beginning--this was quite the month! I continued to work in the Temple on the Friday morning shift, and I loved each minute of it.

A few pictures to illustrate the month :

Aunt Julie also came to visit, and she helped us with an organization project for our family photos. As we sifted through boxes and boxes, I came upon this trove. I can't believe it was 14 years ago, but we all went through a Poetry project, and helped by neighbor Annie Brockmeir (sp?) they were framed. I remember being so proud of my poems.

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