Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Birthday, Madre!

Today is a glorious day, as it comes after yesterday, and it celebrates the life of a woman most dear to me. Happy birthday, Mom!

My kindergarteners wish you a happy birthday as well. And Dad, not to be left out, (although I can't remember how up you are in the blogosphere....ahem....) one of my kids said today, "No, it's your Dad's birthday." I explained to him that yours was five days ago, and he said "Your mom AND your dad birthdays?" Wow.

This month had been marked by fun family times and also by frigid weather. I have chosen the following photo to represent my life as a basement dweller.
There were some days last week where I looked at the temperature update on my phone and thought, "Really? I would like to bring iPhone's local weatherman into this side of town, because I am positive it is far colder than 25 degrees."

The weather is warming up....another sign of the sunny influence my Mom and Dad have in my life. ;-)

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  1. We love mommy! That's a sweet pic. :) Hope you don't freeze your little tosies off.