Sunday, January 10, 2010

Like British films? Quite. Quite.

My mom is hilarious. Really, she is. I'll tell you why in a second.

Did you know we've recently become obsessed with BBC films? Even more specifically, BBC period dramas. (I blame a predisposition to being infatuated with Pride and Prejudice, even if technically that version is done by A&E).

Christmas brought Cranford, and after Christmas came the desire to see Persuasion. Now, I must say, this is certainly my favorite Jane Austen piece, and when my friend recommended the new BBC version, I was---okay, hesitant, but I have loved BBC for so long, I thought I'd give their new one a try.

Enter hilarious matron.

One character in the film constantly says, "Capital. Capital." When agreeing on something, or when he doesn't know what else to say (my opinion, but it seems valid). Heather, Mom, Sarah, and I started laughing during one scene where his sentence fillers were excessive, and we joked about how we should start using the phrase as well. "This meal is capital." "What a capital bowl of ice cream." "We're watching a movie. Capital, capital."

Then mom says, "Oh, and if we're disappointed, we can just say, "lower case, lower case!" (In her british accent).

I'm still laughing.

Capital mother I have.

Speaking of which, the new version of Persuasion is definitely lower case, in my opinion.

This one, with its superior acting, soundtrack, and ability to hold the camera still, is most certainly CAPITAL.


  1. Mom is so excellent. This gave me a capital chuckle.

  2. Jolly good blog post, dear old chap! I quite agree with you that the "Ciaran Hinds and that other girl" version is superb. The other appears to be quite reprehensible!

  3. I'm almost intimidated to leave a comment because I don't have anything remotely British to say. I just laughed when I read this post, and I wish we could hang out. :)

  4. I heartily recommend the BBC's new version of Emma. No idea when it will be available in the states, though.

  5. It's coming out this week, I think, Dave. Very timely comment!

    Let's hang out soon, Abi. ;-)

  6. It is not to be missed. It even occurred to me while watching it that the actress that plays Harriet Smith resembles you a bit. See if you don't agree (best I could find): Harriet

    (tho it must be said she lacks both your wit and refinement)

    Anyway, enjoy it! I prefer it to Persuasion, but that's because the only version of Persuasion I've seen is the 1995 one with Ciarán Hinds and I wasn't all that impressed. Perhaps we'll give the 2007 version a try on your recommendation.