Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Impressive Address

Tonight I caught the last half hour of President Obama's address to congress, and I must say-- I was impressed. Directly upon tuning in, I heard him speak about education, and he had my ear tuned to the message. (You can watch the speech here)
I applaud his direct attitude in placing parents and the home in direct responsibility for children's education. As a teacher, I see the direct effects of the parents who do what he's asked of the American public: read with your children, go to Parent-teacher conferences, help your children with homework. I was very intrigued at his request that all Americans acquire one more year of higher education. I see him reaching into the lives of all Americans and requiring a return to education and values. That was impressive to me.

I must say, I am very intrigued at the strong statements he made against cutting educational programs that are ineffective. I really do wonder what that statement entails.

I'm optimistic. When education and a spirit of persistence is accredited to the progress of our nation, then I agree. I see that in my classroom. I have hope for my 25 fourth-graders, and I pray that what they do next in their lives will be based on well-informed decisions and well-developed perspectives.

I feel so patriotic tonight.... I truly do love America. I love the children of America. I feel blessed to be a teacher.

I pray that the direction America takes will be effective in the lives of her people, not just her policy-makers. My intrigue is honed, and it will be interesting to see what changes come in this next year.

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