Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thank you, Utah.

Next week, on Thursday and Friday, Utah has UEN days-- for students, it's Fall Break! I confess to be excited for the respite. As tempting as it is to take some of my only days off and go to professional development seminars, I am beginning to succumb to the thought of staying home...and doing some things that normal people do... like sleep until seven am. Go to the bank and deposit my paycheck. Plan next week before next week happens. Go jogging. Make cinnamon rolls. Return my overdue library books. Visit family. Clean more than the kitchen--actually getting into the corners. Maybe even--gasp--read a book.

Two days.. the possibilities are excitingly tempting. Any good ideas for a fun read? I am going to the library anyways to give them back their books on China....


  1. I have some good young adult literature if you want to take a look. We also have several children's books and religious material depending on what type of book you want to read... :)

  2. Aaron had Columbus day off which was a miracle and it was it felt inexplicably luxurious to just work around the house together. Being an adult is lame...
    Did you find a good book?