Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pancakes and Peach Jam

This morning I had Melinda and Michelle over to breakfast. We made food which, while not exactly healthy, was quite scrumptious. Pancakes with white chocolate chips and walnuts (with syrup or peach jam on top--jam courtesy of Gpa Bezzant's peaches and Jenny's instructions), an omlette with ham and cream cheese in the fold, and some orange juice and bananas.

I wasn't even hungry for lunch...which was nice because we finished the morning off by going to the Dollar Theatre in Provo after. We saw Wall-E and I loved it!

Then I cut Melinda's hair... I will have to get a picture of her and get the polls on it. Just shoulder length with some layers and front tapering... pretty much the extent of my abilities, but we had fun. She got about 2-3 inches chopped accordingly.

It's fun to see siblings. I can't wait to catch up with Jenny, Nathan, and Baby Isaac now. Hopefully tomorrow will facilitate.


  1. You need to come visit! We want to see you! We miss our Aunt Cessy! :)

  2. Can't believe how bold you girls are-cutting each other's hair. But, it always looks great!