Saturday, September 6, 2008

Planet Earth, Arrived!

Online I found a new copy of Planet Earth, by BBC, for only about 20 dollars! My roommates and I watched two episodes tonight...and already have plans to watch more. I can't wait to see all of the episodes... I have only seen 3 of the ten or so episodes. It is such a well-made series!

School this week was extremely tiring, but I have been enjoying it. I love my class, and I am starting to get to know my kids past their surface levels. I am often surprised by what they do-- and sometimes don't-- know. We have a lot to catch up on at the beginning of this fourth grade year, and there are great things that they are teaching me. With the challenges and the effort comes good dividends, and I am so glad to be a teacher. That said, I can't think of this whole year, because then I will get overwhelmed. I can do next week, though. A week at a time, we'll make it through in a glorious way; at least that's what my current motto is.

Props to Melinda who got into Women's Chorus this week! I am proud of her and I know she will love being under the tutelage of Jean Appolonie. I got to be in that chorus for three semesters, and as busy as they were, I miss it.


  1. We're big Planet Earth fans. Hilde's favorite is the Hunting Dogs at the end of Pole to Pole; Enoch is of course a huge fan of the breaching Great White Sharks. Me? I'm partial to the Caves episode.

    Did you get the David Attenborough British version or the not-quite-as-good-in-my-opinion Sigourney Weaver version? Either way, for $20 its totally worth it.

  2. I am also a fan of Discovery Atlas, though it doesn't have as many episodes, it is a pretty cool cultural experience. My favorite was Brazil, though my roommates really liked China and Italy.

  3. Katy and I agree with Dave, the David Attenborough/British version is soooo much better than the American/Sigourney Weaver version. Amazing that a nature nut does an infinitely better job narrating than a professional actress.

    Planet Earth is an astounding production. That cave episode was amazing.

    If you like David Attenborough, Celeste, you should check out his other work with the BBC--Life of Birds, etc.