Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jungle Fever

Every few days my roommates Ashley, Kim, and I decide to chill and watch another episode of Planet Earth, as narrated by David Attenborough. Yes, we are in love with his syntax and intonation-- I don't know how I would be able to watch Fungi grow over time-lapse photography if not for his brilliantly British turn of phrase.

Tonight we watched Jungles... and I realized that my fear of deep ocean diving might also translate to a secret fear of intensely populated places with surrounding flora and fauna. Not claustrophobia, per se, but more of....I don't know if I could be in the Jungle for more than a few minutes unless I were wearing a biohazard suit or something. It's amazingly beautiful, but I was a little freaked out that fungi spores can grow out of ants and help control populations.

That's just the kind of detail my kids would go nuts over...all 25 of them. I am loving teaching school, and we are currently working on earning the watching of an episode of P.E. When the spell the title on the board (each letter earned when a teacher gives my class a compliment) then we get to watch the episode. Currently, they have three letters earned for "Ocean Deep." I thought we'd start off with a particularly interesting one. I just can't get over the "Wonderpus Octopus."

This world is crazy...and I love it. I love learning about its plants, microbes, animals...and most of all, its fourth graders. Teaching, while busy and slightly exhausting, is well worth every hour.

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