Tuesday, August 5, 2008

First Day of School...in just 14 days

I feel a little like this girl getting on the bus. I'm back in Provo, and things are speeding towards the 19th--a little too fast. In two weeks, I will be a teacher.

Funny... I feel more like I'm in 1st grade.

There's a lot to learn in these next two weeks. For me, school "starts" today: Abi and I are going up to Midway to (finally!) see our classroom and get an idea on how we can set it up. We'll also meet with our faciliator and review some of the preparation we've been doing. I am most excited to get my hands on the curriculum textbooks I will need, so that I can get a feel for what I'll be teaching. I am ready to start making ideas into realities...and those things will have to come into fruition pretty soon. I move apartments next weekend, the first teacher meeting starts on my birthday, and the last few days of work I have at my current job are all ticking down.

So here we go! Adventures await, curriculum maps have to be hammered out, and I am going to do it. Thank heavens for support and help... right now, it sure means a lot.

So to all those who've left "notes in my lunchbox"-- Thanks. It sure makes me feel braver around the big kids.

I can't wait to come home and tell you about school over cookies and milk.

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