Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Family and History

This was possibly my favorite sign in the "Walking Tour of Leesburg." For those of you who might not be able to see the text, the first part reads, "Leesburg! Paradise of the youthful warrior! Land of excellent edibles and beautiful maidens!" Mom said it was still true....

Here are some other fun pictures of my vacation home.

Pirate fierce frilly garb. Courtesy of Captain Melinda in the background.

Their Pirate Ship: Watch our for these three!

Sarah and I did Textured Paper Collages in the style of Eric Carle

Taking the Tour of Leesburg (Heather and Sarah)

We went to this famous House, thanks to Aaron. We got a personal tour of the West Wing!

Michelle, Melinda, Jenny and I in the press room (thanks to Nathan and Michelle's friend, Russ, for taking our pictures)

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  1. Wow, Leesburg's actually a pretty cool place, according to your blog pictures. Glad we get to have you at home, at least for now.

    Love, Mom