Thursday, July 17, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I am Home! With a capital H! I woke up early on Wednesday morning (we left for the airport at 4am from Provo) and got a ride from my home teacher to SLC. At 2:15pm, I arrived in Virginia, the first colony and best state in America. Jenny, Isaac, and Trina picked me up, and it was so nice to see the old trees, familiar landmarks---and surprising new numbers of buildings--around Leesburg, my hometown. Things are growing rather quickly back home.

Houses are not the only things shooting up; everyone in my family seems taller. Baby Isaac, Joel, and Trina, especially seem to have grown overnight. When did I get so old that my siblings are becoming big kids now? Crazy.

I am loving talking, organizing things, and chilling with my family. It's been a busy two days, so I have on no account caught up on sleep, but I am excited.

Okay: two vignettes from today that I just can't help but relate.

I had a dentist appointment this morning. I got to drive the Prius today, as the other cars were already in use. At the light outside of my neighborhood, I stopped and smiled to myself as I thought of how gas-economical my vehicle was. I was thinking how nice it was that we had a hybrid when gas is so expensive, and then a car pulled up right behind me. It was--you guessed it. And H3. Hybrid and Hummer--now that's character foil. I laughed a long time about the odds of that one.

Also, we went to the Library today. Our public library has been condensed while they remodel the old building, so we went to "Rust Library" in the old building for Video Den. There were not too many books, cds, or dvds, but they had a moderate selection. I was in the dvd section, trying to guess how they had arranged their categories. I caught sight of one shelf: what do you think of this? There was a stack of dvds, and one of them said, "Bigfoot." Three DVDs later, there was one labled "Jesus." Next to that? "The Miracles of Jesus."

I don't really see those two categories going together...I must be missing something? Or maybe not....

Anyways, there were some good laughs today. It's great to be home. I promise, more stories and less chatter in future posts. I'll see if I can get some sweet pictures up, too.

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