Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bright- eyed...

and only somewhat bleary-eyed. I think I am finally beginning to catch up on sleep!

Michelle and I took this right before going to the Northern Virginia YSA Regional Luau on Saturday night. Considering that this picture was taken right after helping move Aaron and Katy, I think we look pretty good. Thanks to the A. Cummings family for the use of the shower after moving--I forget how "moist" you can get in Virginia. I think the only shower I have enjoyed more was the one I took right after the 45-mile hike at Girls' Camp. It sure felt good to be clean.

Moving Aaron and Katy was actually quite fun; they have a nice apartment, and after the move they gave us a tour of downtown Alexandria. It reaffirmed to me how much I would like to return to the East to teach school. I do not believe that anything competes with the shores of the Potomac. The town was really nice as well; there were several beautiful and historic buildings on the main streets.

Sunday was beautiful here; Heather gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting about her experience going to Northern NY for Youth Conference. She bore a very firm testimony about answers to prayers; I am really proud of her and the woman she is becoming. You know you are in a good family when your younger siblings teach you by example. Melinda played a beautiful musical number for the meeting as well; I will try and get a video or audio clip of her playing "The Lord Is My Shepard." She is incredibly accomplished, but more than that--her playing invited the spirit into the meeting.

Last night, for Family Home Evening, Michelle gave the lesson and encouraged us all to follow the counsel of M. Russell Ballard. Accordingly, I will be adding some more links to my blog to tell a little more about myself and the foundations of my faith.

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