Sunday, December 20, 2009

Do you see Virginia?

It's all white. Our yard has 24 inches of snow atop the grassy lawn.

Church today was canceled. Considering the fact that all our beasts of burden were in the mire, we shoveled our driveway and our cars out today. Remember our long driveway? We did some math. We figured out that, since the average cubit foot of snow weighs about 15 pounds, we (Aaron, Katy, Heather, Trina, Sarah, Joel, and even Mom and Dad) shoveled 80 tons of snow.

That's about 3-9 tons each....depending on age and work ethic.

I am mightily grateful that school is closed for our county tomorrow and Tuesday. The only downside to this gorgeous snow storm is the fact that Dan and Melinda were stuck for a day in San Fran trying to get home. We hope to see them within the hour, though.

Christmas is in sight!


  1. I never cease to be impressed by the Cummings clan.

  2. 3-9 tons? A-mazing. Hope you have a fabulous Christmas!