Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Project Preach My Gospel

This week for Family Home Evening, we set about assembling some study kits so that our family could become more involved in using Preach My Gospel , so that we might be able to follow prophetic counsel , prepare our family for the Hill Cumorah Pageant, and...maybe just because as a missionary, I came to love and cherish this inspired resource for all Latter-day Saints. I truly feel that one of the things I learned most poignantly on the mission was how to become a better member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Okay. As for the Project, this is geared towards involving all the members of our family at home. That means age ranges from ten old are you, Dad? Fifty-something. Teenagers in the mix, and a good family with a desire to get into this book.

So, we made study kits with stickers (for labeling and using as a study key), highlighters, a mechanical pencil, a four-color pen , and sticky tabs.

Here's an example of a key that could be made with the stickers.

Then, we went on into creating our journals. With the help of some spiral-bound notebooks, glue sticks, pictures from the Ensign (thanks for helping me cut those out, Heather!), and some packing tape to "laminate" it, each person made his or her own Study Journal. (The Tabs you see are just some post-it removable label tabs. Quite useful! My favorite part of this was seeing everyone get so involved in the project, and you can really see their personalities come through, as Melinda pointed out.


Dan (poor the mercy of us all. It's definitely a collage)
Detail of Dad's Cover
Detail of Mom's Cover
Detail of my cover
Our Study Journals are made, our kits are assembled, we've made some Journal Prompts on mailing labels that can be stuck at the top of each page (has the date, a PMG page reference, and a question or prompt), and once our copies of PMG arrive from the distribution center, we're going to be good to go! I am excited about this project. I love this book. I love my family. Putting the two together seems so natural and right.

Happy reading.


  1. And if you want a closer view of each journal, clicking on it will give you a zoom in.

  2. Two thumbs up for a job well done. Love you!