Saturday, November 15, 2008

About time to catch up with my family

It's true! We went to the White House and had a great day with my brother, Aaron, and his wife, Katy. Days later they welcomed Reuben James into their presidentially acknowledged family.

Here are a few photos...

And even though I only go to stay in VA for 24 hours, it was worth the whole trip for three reasons:
1. I saw my family, whom I have missed a great deal
2. It was pretty neat to meet the President...and also to say that I have used a restroom in THE West Wing. ("It's forbidden.")
3. Take a look at these pictures. They speak for themselves. It's been a long few years without this fall.

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  1. Celeste, thanks for posting those pictures! Our house and family are GORGEOUS. Can't wait for Christmas.